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Rescue Spotlight: Pawsitivity Service Dogs

millieservicedogPawsitivity Service Dog is a nonprofit organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota. It has a 501(C) (3) status granted by the government. This organization is a member of the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners and Association of Service Dogs. The goal of Pawsitivity Service Dogs is to train dogs in assisting individuals with psychological disorders with their daily living.
This organization offers:
1. Psychiatric Service Dogs
They train service dogs to help people suffering from depression and autism. They can help with calming anxiety, soothing fears, and helping people to learn how to socialize and interact with other people.

“These dogs are not pets but are working dogs with rights to be taken anywhere that the general public is allowed to go. This includes all forms of public transportation (including riding with their partner in the passenger compartment of airplanes), churches, restaurants, stores, and hospitals.

Psychiatric service dogs are specifically trained to help individuals deal with the symptoms of their disabilities, and psychiatric conditions such as the following can respond well to Service Dogs:
Bipolar Disorder
Severe Depression or Anxiety
Panic Attacks
Agorahobia, Social Phobias
Extreme Separation Anxiety
Emotional Behavioral Disorders (EBD)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)”

2. Seizure Dogs
Pawsitivity Service Dogs trains dogs to respond to seizures and to use their innate ability to detect seizures on their own. Studies have showed that the quality life of the handler with seizure improves greatly with dogs.

3. PSTD Dogs

“A PTSD Service Dog can be of significant help with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD Service Dog intervention is increasingly being recommending by clinicians as an adjunct to their current treatment plans. Note – some veterans dislike the term PTSD, so the the dogs are sometimes know as TAD for trauma-alert dogs.”

At Pawsitivity Service Dogs, they believe that the time, money, and energy are worth for every dog you take. They have a waiting list of several years based on the order of applications they received. Training dogs can take some time on their part but it is definitely worth the wait.

The Applicaton Process

“Once you have filled out your application, we will put you on our waiting list. Eventually, we will contact you for an interview. Throughout the course of several conversations, we will determine if we can help you immediately, or keep you on a wait-list (which may be very short, or quite long, depending on how flexible you are with age, breed, and such).”

To know more about them, visit their website.

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