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Kids write notes from shelter pets to help them get adopted.

Children are really compassionate and special. They have this special way to see the world without judgment and stereotyping. The connection between dogs and children is really amazing. In fact,this connection can bring hope and compassion.

In Chicago, one special education teacher figured out how to utilize this special connection between dogs and children. She did the most amazing thing one can ever imagine. She used the children’s innocent views to help dogs at the Chicago Animal Care Control to find their forever homes.

The children, ranging from 4th to 8th grade, had a trip to CACC. They all met the dogs and by checking out their information cards, they were able to know the breed of the dog, his energy level, and his age. Their activity was simple. They just had to put themselves in the dog’s position, and from the point of view of the dog, they had to write a note to potential adopter. They had to convince these people on why they should be adopted.

Everyone was surprised on how it turned out. The children wrote wonderful messages. Some are short, some are lengthy – but all in all, they made a great impact.

This activity teaches not only children but also people of all ages that there’s still hope out there. They encouraged people to give love and respect to dogs and other animals – which the truly deserve.



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