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How To Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy In The Winter

zzThe onset of the winter months means preparing houses, cars, and even people for the cold weather; but don’t forget to prepare your dogs as well. As this season poses challenges to humans, it is also a bigger challenge for pets. You are aware how slush and snow can cause Fido’s coat to mat; as ice and salt can injure those tender paws, and how low temps can cause even the hardiest of dogs to shiver. Help your furry friend weather the winter by proper grooming that keeps his/her coat healthy and shiny during low temperature.

If your dog has a long coat, extra grooming is necessary during the winter season. Long-haired dog owners usually have dog’s coat shortened within the warmer months and forego the need for frequently brushing them. Then during the cold months, the coats grow back and become matted and entangled making them look not only untidy but in reality reduces dog’s capability to completely trap heat within his coat since matted fur does not keep the heat. Prepare your long-haired pals for winter by a thorough brush at least three to five times per week; also take the time to check for any mats and entanglement and gently removing them. This will prevent an expensive grooming bill in the future.

If you consider extra grooming tedious work for you then trim your dog’s coat shorter during winter. However, instruct the groomer not to trim undercoat too short as it would remove adequate heat protection for your pup. Tell the groomer to leave the coat at least an inch or two longer than usual. Another option is to get your dog a sweater or jacket that he/she can wear to provide warmth.

For short coat dogs, a regular grooming is essential as the air dries out their skin and causes more shedding. Your grooming ritual should include brushing three to five times weekly to ensure a clean, shiny, and healthy coat. When your pooch’s coat is brushed, natural oils are produced and distributed to prevent his skin from drying out. Less shedding keeps furniture and floor clean from falling hair.

Here is a remedy to keep your dog’s hair shiny and healthy for winter: Rub coconut milk on his fur and leave it on for at least half an hour. Then bathe and rinse well. This application is done prior to every bath.To solve your dog’s winter dandruff and dry skin problems, just add oil to his diet. Two of the best oils are olive and coconut. They are easily available in any supermarket or health food store.

As warm weather approaches, dogs normally shed their winter coats; however, a dog that loses a lot of hair during the colder parts of the year might be suffering from health problem. Excessive shedding might be a sign that he is suffering from some kind of skin diseases that are caused by allergies or fleas. Other causes can be hormonal, hotspots, bacterial infections, or even tumors. In some cases, excessive hair shedding can be eliminated with a change of diet. But if he continues to lose an abnormal amount of hair, consult your veterinarian.

Be proud to show off your four-legged pet that has retained its shiny and healthy fur during these cold months!

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