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Can dogs smell fear?


A dog’s sense of smell is between 10000 to 100000 stronger than human’s. But even if their sense of smell is very powerful, dogs still can’t actually smell fear. Well, at least not that they know. They might smell fear but they don’t know it is fear. See, when you’re afraid, you release stress hormones that a dog can sense. ... Read More »

Warning to dog owners…watch this video!


Brookfield, a 2 year old black Labrador, was caught on camera as she snuck a few nibbles of pizza from an oven. By doing so, she also started a fire in the kitchen. Luckily, the fire was only burning for a few seconds before Gary rushed in and doused the blaze with a glass of water. However, it’s frightening to ... Read More »

Study shows the origin of modern dogs


Do you know where dogs come from? A lot of people say they came from wolves.. but is it really true? These people studied and tested dogs’ DNA and led them to this conclusion.. Check out the video. Do you know where your dog’s ancestors came from? Let us know in the comments below. Share This: Read More »

What can happen if you leave your dog in a car


This owner left his Yorkshire Terrier inside his truck.. He was not expecting anything until he saw his truck swimming in the lake. Yes, the dog drove the truck down the lake! Crazy, right? Have you ever heard of anything like this? Tell us about it in the comments below. Share This: Read More »

Meskie is a hero cat!


If you think dogs can be the only hero, wait until you learn Meskie’s story. Meskie, a 17-year-old Calico-Angora mixed cat woke up her owner, Chyrl Fields, in time to escape her burning her home. Meskie was a kitten of Cheryl’s neighbor’s cat. When cute Meskie sat on Cheryl’s feet, she knew right away that the cat was for her. ... Read More »

Check out this seeing-eye cat


Cats and dogs are known to be worst enemies. But the story of these furry babies will prove otherwise. Meet Pudditat, a top cat, and Tervel the dog. They are best friends. Pudditat also has a special mission to assist Tervel, which was born blind and deaf. Pudditat assists Tervel and acts as the dogs eyes and ears. The two ... Read More »

The Pope shocked the world…dog lovers rejoice!.


Not everyone know this but Pope Francis is a dog lover. Recently, the pope saw a little boy crying over his dead dog and mourning. Surprisingly, the pope told the dog not to worry because animals can go to heaven. Indeed, it’s great to know that someone like Pope Francis loves and values animals too! Share This: Read More »

This Great Dane has 19 puppies!


More ABC US news | ABC World News This Great Dane is big enough to carry her 19 puppies! In Pennsylvania, Brandon Terry and her wife’s Great Dane gave birth to adorable puppies. Normally, Great Danes have 7 to 10 puppies in a litter, but when they saw Snowy’s X-ray, she had at least 15 little spines inside her. They ... Read More »

The military stole this hero soldier’s war dog!


There’s nothing more frustrating than a veteran whose dog is stolen by the US military. This is a huge story reported by Michael Savage on the Savage Network. Matty is a German Shepherd who served the US Military in Afghanistan. Spc Brent Grommet was separated from him despite the fact that the law allowed him to adopt Matty. Grommet went ... Read More »

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