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Military Dog Adoption


After a tough battle, veterans and military men and women also deserve love and family. Unfortunately, not all of these men have families to go home to. But the good thing is, they can always adopt military dogs for love and comfort. This adopt a dog program comes from the Robby Law – a law that protects military dogs from ... Read More »

At LAX, a wagging tail can make travel less stressful


At most airports these days you see the bomb-sniffing dogs doing their work at the baggage carousel.  Well, at Los Angeles International Airport they have an additional kind of service dog.  These are therapy dogs, which roam the terminal (with their owners, of course), giving a lick on the hand or a smile to stressed-out passengers.  Their owners also dispense ... Read More »

Shelter to Soldier pairs vets with “fur-ever friends”


A program in San Diego is pairing returning veterans suffering from PTSD with dogs that need homes.  With over 5,000,000 dogs in shelters at any one time, there is a great need for this type of service:  Almost 1 in 5 returning vets suffer from some type of PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury. Graham Bloem, who runs Shelter to Soldier, ... Read More »

Boy with Cerebral Palsy is allowed to have his service dog in school


Anthony Marshante,  is a 5-year-old with cerebral palsy.  He has a service dog, Stevie, who signals when Anthony is about to have a seizure.  He also carries Anthony’s medical information, which is needed by medical personnel. The family has fought for the last month to get the school to allow Stevie to accompany Anthony to kindergarten.  At first, they said ... Read More »

Dogs that sniff out cancer


Our pooches have an amazing sense of smell.  Here is a story about some medical researchers who are using dogs that sniff out cancer to figure out what it is about cancerous tissue that they can detect.  Here is a video from just a few days ago from the Associalted Press about a research hospital in Philadelphia  that is doing ... Read More »

Their Dogs Fell in Love, Then The Couple Got Married


This is quite a love story.  Their dogs fell in love, then the couple got married.   I guess it is best to listen to your baby.  He knows what is best for him and for you.  And, this way you find true love with a fellow dog-lover and don’t have to worry about whether your dogs are compatible or not.  ... Read More »

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