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How To Read Your Dog’s Body Language


Understanding body language is applicable to dogs as well as people. Dogs areexpressive animals, easily communicating their emotions using their bodies and faces to mirror how they feel. Pet owners will do well to learn, recognize and interpret the elaborate system of nonverbal communication by their dogs. Here is a video that explains how to read your dog’s emotional state ... Read More »

How To Find A Great Pet Sitter


The time will come when you have to leave your dog for some good reasons. If you must take a trip and can’t take your fur baby with you, your best option is to get a pet sitter.Pet sitters are not just around to feed your petwith food and water while you are away; but they have other important obligations. ... Read More »

How to Choose a Great Boarding Kennel


The fast pace in modern life today requires travel and going places for business or pleasure. If you have to go away and have no one to look after your pets, if there will be no one at your house, a great option is to find a good boarding kennel. Here are some guidelines to help find the best, so ... Read More »

Food Pantries Provide Food For Furry Friends


The economy calls for innovative ways to provide food for people, as well as for animals. Some U.S. cities have organizations that provide food for pets whose owners qualify for food assistance. Mable Sargent lost her job due to a crippling car crash and relies on her husband’s income. It was difficult to put food on the table for five ... Read More »

Amtrak May Be Forced To Issue Tickets To Dogs And Cats


The Pets on Trains Act of 2013 would compel Amtrak to print out tickets for cats and dogs. That means, no pets will be left behind. You can bring your pets on board legally. No more hiding. Amtrak allows cats and dogs for trips less than 750 miles. The owners would pay a fee for their pets. In fact, service ... Read More »

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