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Have an Easter egg hunt with your dog!


Petee is so excited to look for his Easter eggs This one is genius! Dog food inside easter eggs! Adorable Siberian Husky looking for his Easter eggs! Koby found all his Easter eggs! These Labradors love Easter too! Have an Easter egg hunt with your dog! Share This: Read More »

Dock diving for dogs!


Some dogs just love swimming.. And if you know your dogs are good in swimming, perhaps, they will enjoy this awesome activity. Dock diving is one of the best things your dog can learn if he loves swimming. In fact, any breed, size, or age can definitely learn this activity. It’s a great exercise for dogs, especially for older ones ... Read More »

Rally Obedience


Rally-O or rally obedience is  fun event for dog-enthusiasts. As the newest event sponsored by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to hit the dog shows, rally O is a combo of car racing sports, agility of the dogs, and customary obedience that is acclaimed as the best fun sport. Based on agility and obedience, titles are given by AKC for ... Read More »

A fun searching game for you and your dog


Here’s another fun searching game for your dogs. All you need is a treat of some sorts. A bone or dog treats are great options. It’s just easier to use food because it’s easier for your dog to find. Some dogs have better sense of smell than the others so you have to be patient with your dog. Start out ... Read More »

Scent game for your dog — Muffin Tin


Muffin Tin is a great scent game for your dog. It will build your dog’s problem solving skills and even provide mental stimulation for service dogs. Muffin Tin can also be a great exercise to boost your nose scenting abilities. IIt can be made simpler by using paper balls, any smooth ball, or odd objects. In fact, you can use ... Read More »

A cheap but good mind game for your dog.


Toys are a bit expensive, especially when your dog tries to destroy each and every one of them all the time. What’s the solution? Create your own cheap and fun mind games that your dog will absolutely love. This game will not be only fun for your dog, it will also help him use his curiosity. Play this mind game ... Read More »

Dog Reading Along


What’s more entertaining than dogs? Check out this video. Reading is indeed fun! especially with your dogs. Silly, but I find it funny. Did it make you laugh or annoyed you? Leave your comments below. Share This: Read More »

Nose work ideas for your dog


A dog’s nose is amazing. In fact, their sense of smell is 10 times more powerful than human nose. A dog’s nose is also a valuable communication hunting tool. If not given an outlet, dogs may find an unacceptable way to stimulate it. So why not provide an outlet and channel to this amazing sense. Here are some ideas: – ... Read More »

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