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Are you just like your dog?


1. When you want to relax but you start thinking about all the things you’re putting off doing.   Twitter: @blushprincess_ 2. When all your friends seem to have their shit together and you feel like the odd one out. Twitter: @sophlahernandez 3. When you’re trying to show self-restraint but it’s not really working out for you. Twitter: @Claycupcakes4 Twitter: ... Read More »

Maggie, the oldest dog in the world, dies at age 30


Maggie, the world’s oldest dog, passed away in Australia at the age of 30. In human years, Maggie was 133 when she died. Maggie is a Kelpie who was owned by Brian McLaren, a Victorian farmer. Old Maggie was still walking well and living like her normal self a week before she died according to her owner. Brian was devastated ... Read More »

Aren’t we dog parents a bit nutty?


Aren’t dogs adorable? Well, a lot will surely agree! In fact, for us dog lovers, adorable is an understatement! That’s why we do a lot of things showing how much we adore these lovely creatures.. and yea, sometimes, dog parents are a bit nutty. We surely think our dogs love it if we call them in different adorable nicknames like ... Read More »

Don’t hug the dog!


  We hear all the time that hugging a dog is beneficial, both to our health and that of our dog.  But, that may not really be true.  Stanley Coren Ph.D., F.R.S.C., from “Psychology Today” was intrigued by the question and, based on his knowledge of the canine species and review of previous studies, found that most dogs, in fact, ... Read More »

These vets have a great sense of humor


We all know how nervous our pets get at the thought of going to the vet…wimpering, dodging the crate or refusing to get into the car…and that sad look we get as they are taken into the back room by one of the techs. So it is nice to see that vets also have a sense of humor.  We have ... Read More »

DIY tennis ball treat for your dog…


In making a DIY tennis ball treat, you will need a tennis ball, a sharp knife, and some dog treats. Using the lines of the ball, cut an opening that can easily spread once the dog is squeezed. Fill the ball with dog food. Does your dog like to play with toys? Are you going to make one of these ... Read More »

A dog food truck in Seattle?


Seattle is known for their awesome food trucks. This time, they brought it to a whole new level. Chef Dawn Ford spends hours in the kitchen like most chefs but she was creating something unique. She and her husband Ben are among the latest addition to the local food truck scene — specializing in canine cuisine. They set up shop ... Read More »

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