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These pups have very special names…


Tracy McMenamy’s dog just gave birth to ten adorable puppies! And since her husband is a police officer, she thought of something amazing – to name all the puppies after the fallen officers. She wants to honor the death of these heroes so in her own little way, she did something that will help people remember the heroic acts of ... Read More »

Leon took a bullet for his family!


One night, robbers broke inside a home. Just when they thought they could get a fortune, they were attacked by Leon, the family dog. When one of the robbers grabbed a gun, Leon jumped in and got shot. After being treated at a hospital, Leon miraculously survived. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below. ... Read More »

This guy sensed something was wrong…


Drew was looking for a Golden Retriever but when he saw Carl, he knew that he was the one. Carl had some issues, but this Spaniel-mix is so lovable he couldn’t resist. Drew knew that he was helping Carl and saving his life. He didn’t expect that the dog would return the favor. Drew said that Carl wasn’t really a ... Read More »

This Shepherd saved his foster mom’s life!


When Lexi’s owner can no longer take care for her, she was adopted by Cecelia. Lexi is a very vocal companion, according to her and one night, Lexi’s loud bark actually alarmed her and saved her life. Lexi alarmed Cecelia that her house was burning so she immediately ran outside. What do you think of this…amazing, or what? Let us ... Read More »

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