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Eric was suicidal…now this hero trains dogs to help other


After serving the country for years, Eric Wolfe was ready to end his life. But instead of letting his PSTD control his life, he hugged his wife and said he won’t let this happen again! To divert his attention to a positive cause, he created Project 22. Project 22 trains dogs and partners them with a veteran with PSTD. Eric ... Read More »

These sniffer dogs would rather find cheese than drugs…


These service dogs in Manchester Airport found sausages and cheese instead of class A drugs. It may sound funny to some people but this instance alarmed the Chief Inspector These dogs haven’t detected any class A drugs for seven months. However, the dog that was trained to detect illegal animal products often found small amounts of sausages and cheese. The ... Read More »

Corgis as service dogs?


When you think of “service dog”, which breeds leap to mind…Laborador Retriever?  German Shepherd? Welsh Corgi? What?  Who has ever heard of a Welsh Corgi as a service dog? Actually, they are currently serving well as therapy dogs or assistance dogs for the hearing-impaired. But, now the Russian police force is testing the idea of having them help in the ... Read More »

Drummer and Leica provide comfort to kids in the hospital!


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has 2 new employees and no, they aren’t your regular hospital employees! They are furry buddies who have a special mission – to provide comforts to kids in the hospital! Drummer and Leica, the comfort dogs, are not just doing their jobs, they are also enjoying their work! Check them out! Would your dog be a good ... Read More »

Buster is a cadaver-sniffing dog…


Meet Buster. He’s a cadaver sniffing dog. He is specially trained to find human remains and increasingly being used by law enforcement and accepted in courts. He’s really useful in solving even decade-long mysteries. Would your dog make a good cadaver-sniffing dog? Let us know in the comments below. Share This: Read More »

Piper makes it possible for planes to fly!


Meet Piper, the Border Collie. He has a very important job in the airport – help planes take off. His role is to help in maintaining wildlife control at the airport by shooing ducks, geese, foxes, owls, and other creatures away when the plane is about to take off. ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos Would your dog be ... Read More »

Oscar the Hypno-dog


Oscar, the Labrador Retriever, possesses a very special ability that even some people can’t do. It’s the ability to hypnotize. It may sound strange for dogs to have this ability, but Oscar was trained by his owner Hugh Lennon to hypnotise audiences. Still not convinced? Watch this video to see what Oscar can do: Could your dog hypnotize you by ... Read More »

Gurt helps families that are grieving


In a funeral, a dog knows how to help out people who are grieving. This 9 month old puppy gives a paw to hold for those who are mourning. Debra Fry allowed her dog Gurt to act as a grieving dog in some funeral homes in Marshalltown, Maquoketa, and Tipton. Is your dog good at comforting you? Let us know ... Read More »

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