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Guide dog training from a puppy’s perspective…


IBM cloud, a tech company, helped Guilding Eyes for the Blind, by using cognitive insights of the dogs to raise more guide dogs successfully. With this information, they will be able to know what each dog is learning every day and how close they are to being a guide dog. Meet little Jackson, a guide dog, in training. This video ... Read More »

How to protect your furniture from your dogs


Dogs can do some destructive things and they don’t really mean it. This happens when they are bored and can’t contain their high energy. If you are a new pet owner, you need to address this situation and make sure that the house will not be a mess when you go home after a long day of work. Here’s how ... Read More »

Training a dog to catch a treat


Catching treats is one of the coolest things you can teach your dogs to do. And though it looks easy to do, a lot of people are having trouble with this. Some are over thinking – they have problems judging to dog’s size and their tossing motion. But the main secret of this training is to master the right way ... Read More »

How dogs learn


Knowing how it is that your dog learns will help you a lot in teaching him some basic and even advanced tricks. This video explains exactly how your dogs learn using operant and classical conditioning. It is very important to show your dog the consequence of his actions. This is the reason why we click and give them treats every ... Read More »

Can a dog fly a plane?


Twelve abandoned dogs have been handpicked by experts to become the first dogs to fly a plane. They had a 10 week training period where scientists looked at their communication, empathy, memory and reasoning skills. It may sound unbelievable but from being abandoned dogs, they have become top dogs who can really fly a plane! Check these out. Still can’t ... Read More »

This group rescues “bad” dogs and gives them a job to do!


Some dogs just can’t contain their energy.. so instead of using them in doing productive things, they use their energy in bad habits like chewing things, running around the house, being hyperactive all the time, etc.. But there’s actually a way to make those “bad dogs” useful and turn them into good dogs. Check out this video Do you have ... Read More »

Treasure hunt to prevent behavioral issues.


This is a fun game to play with your dog that can prevent many behavior problems, give your dog mental stimulation, exercise, and it is fun for everyone in the family. Dogs love to find things! Not to mention it is a natural behavior to want to search and find fun things. Use clicker training and slowly increase the distance ... Read More »

How to stop your dog from humping


One of the most embarrassing dog behaviors is humping. Dogs will hump anything, it seems: their person, a guest, a toy. Humping is a common behavior complaint among pet parents, in puppies and adult dogs alike — and even in altered canines. The main reasons for humping are: – Stress – Puppy Play – Seeking Attention In order to stop ... Read More »

How to get the most out of your walks with your dog.


Walking our dog is a good form of exercise. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.. You can make it more interesting while making the most out of your doggy walks. By using obstacles in your environment, you can incorporate a lot of mental stimulation during walks to help tire your dog out quicker. Does your dog enjoy ... Read More »

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