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This abandoned dog and paralyzed cat saved each other!


Ruth, the cat, and Idgie, the dog, were both strays. They were both rescued when they were found living on an old driveway. When they reached the shelter, they were inseparable. Idgie looked out for Ruth, which has health issues. The two of them are a great example of true friendship. For more information, click here What do you think? ... Read More »

Molli helps hero dogs and service people


  via Molli Oliver Being a flight attendant, it’s Molli Oliver’s job to transport rescued German Shepherd dogs to their new homes. However, after she was inspired by her encounter with a marine to expand her passion and be a part of the reunion of retired service dogs and soldiers, who used to handle and serve with them. Boone, a ... Read More »

A story of dogs in prison…


Stray dogs and in mates have a lot in common. Well, they both need love, freedom, and understanding.. That’s why, in a lot of counties, they offer a dog and in-mate relationship programs. Stray dogs are being left out in the streets by people who do not see their value. When they are rescued, most shelters don’t have enough room ... Read More »

This homeless dog was found in the trash…and transformed!


Julia Marie Werner, a German photographer, immediately fell in love with a homeless dog she found  hunting for scraps of food when she decided she’d keep him forever. While a lot of people don’t see the beauty of a stray dog, Julia saw his inner beauty. The dog reminded her of a brave little lion and she wants to share ... Read More »

These kids rescued some pups when the adults failed…


The volunteers from South Charlotte Dog Rescue just couldn’t figure out how to save a mother dog and her puppies inside a drainage ditch. A stray dog gave birth in a drainage but no one can seem to help them go out except for these two brave kids. Rafe Spuler and Mia Rabii did the impossible and took advantage of ... Read More »

Amazing rescue of a small pit bull


Eden lived on the streets for a while, and she wouldn’t let anyone near her. It was raining and cold when the rescue team arrived. The only possible way they thought to save her was through the element of surprise. She was hiding inside the garage. The team used a soccer net to block the way out of the garage. ... Read More »

Tiny puppy rescued in Romania


A newborn puppy was found in the sidewalks of Romania. He only weighed 160 grams and he was very fragile. Raising abandoned newborn pups can be really challenging. But a group of people with huge hearts came in to help.. They did their best to feed the little puppy. They provided warmth and shelter. They gave him all the love ... Read More »

This autistic boy was finally reunited with his service dog!


Delilah, a 6-year-old Weimaraner, and Zach Carlisle, a 6 year old boy with autism, are finally back together after eight months of being apart. Delilah has a special part on Zach’s heart. The young boy suffers from seizures, social anxiety, and autism. Delilah alerts Zach’s mom to oncoming seizures and helps him communicate. Is your dog reactive? What do you ... Read More »

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