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Kids write notes from shelter pets to help them get adopted.


Children are really compassionate and special. They have this special way to see the world without judgment and stereotyping. The connection between dogs and children is really amazing. In fact,this connection can bring hope and compassion. In Chicago, one special education teacher figured out how to utilize this special connection between dogs and children. She did the most amazing thing ... Read More »

Senior dog Scooby gets a makeover!


Meet Scooby, a senior Cocker Spaniel who was left on a shelter when his owner passed away. Scooby is just one of many dogs being overlooked in the shelter. So he and some other dogs in the shelter had a major transformation to give them a second chance in finding their forever homes. He was bathed and trimmed. Right after ... Read More »

This woman’s dying wish for her dogs…


Kathleen Zuidema is dying and she has a wish – to have a place for her three dogs when she’s gone. Calling it the hardest thing she had ever done, she published her wish on her own Facebook page. Her FB page went viral and her prayers have been heard. Danielle Cochran heard her story and went straight in front ... Read More »

Why you should adopt a senior dog.


Just like pups, senior dogs need love too. In fact, you should consider adopting one. Most of them are already trained and their temperament is usually better than younger dogs. Here’s why you should adopt a senior dog. Source: Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog by HeartwarmingAnimals on Rumble Do you love a senior dog? Why is he so ... Read More »

Touching movie trailer about adoption


This film will make you think about adoption and giving a chance for animals to live. The Gift helps people realize that like us, dogs, and other animals deserve to live and to be loved. Check this out. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below. Share This: Read More »

This unlikely pair are being adopted together!


Sirence, the dog, and Thing Two, the duck, are best friends. They met at Garland Animal Shelter in Texas, and ever since then, they were inseperable. They have a strong bond and even the shelter didn’t want to seperate them, hoping they would be adopted together. Isn’t this a sweet story? Let us know what you think in the comments ... Read More »

You can adopt a TSA dog!


Have you heard of TSA dogs? They are the dogs you find at airports, sniffing luggage, and checking if there are things TSA agents miss. But you know what? You can actually adopt these dogs. When they’re too old to work, they will surely need a good home. Would you want to adopt a TSA dog? Let us know in ... Read More »

This vet gives his time and skill to help shelter dogs!


Dr Andrew Kaplan is a known veterinarian who attends medical needs of the rich and the affluent. But on his regular weekends, he goes to regular neighborhoods to spay and neuter cats and dogs for free. His free service started when he adopted a puppy who was in a death row and was about to be put down on the ... Read More »

Romeo made a video to help get adopted…


Meet little Romeo. He has an adorable under bite. He’s polite, and nervous. He loves to play with other dogs and he loves being cuddled. Romeo wants to be adopted.. So he made this video. What do you think? Isn’t this a great idea? Let us know in the comments below. Share This: Read More »

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