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300 dogs seized in a raid on a Maryland home


The Humane Society of Wicomico County saved around 300 dogs in a Wicomico County home last week. Dogs were under unsatisfactory conditions. However, there are no charges filed. According to Attorney Matt Maciarello, his office is handling this case and that the charges could be filed in roughly about the next 45 days. During the Press Conference, the Humane Society ... Read More »

Another city says “no!” to selling puppy mill dogs.


Philadelphia has become the most recent city to recognize the horrors that puppy mill dogs must face, and has said “enough is enough”. The city passed legislation on Thursday banning the sale of commercially bred puppies and kittens at pet stores, as well as at outdoor venues such as flea markets and roadsides — a decision that could have a ... Read More »

45 dogs rescued from a dog-fighting ring


On a Tuesday morning, the CPD officers and SWAT raided a house on Clarendon Avenue, Columbus. The police suspected a dog fighting operation in the area and they were right. According to the police, they seized 45 dogs. Eleven people were up for questioning. Now, the dogs were moved to an undisclosed location where they will all be cared for. ... Read More »

This family dog was shot by a New York police officer for no reason?


A woman from Bronx was so devastated because her dog was shot by a NYPD police officer. According to Yvonne Rosado, police officers were outside her neighbor’s apartment when she cracked the door open to see what’s going on. Her friendly Pitbull named Spike, went out and approached police officer Ruben Cuesta. Yvonne immediately alerted the police and said that ... Read More »

Dog abandoned at the side of a road in Brazil


A Cyclist from Ibira, Brazil caught a heartbreaking video. She witnessed a truck pulled over and a man shoved a dog out the door. The dog was trying to get back in, but this heartless man left him alone. The cyclist called the cops and the video went viral. After watching the video, a man didn’t lose hope and searched ... Read More »

This man was arrested for leaving his dog in a hot truck…


A North Carolina man was arrested on animal cruelty charges after leaving his dog locked inside of his truck for several hours in the parking lot of the pet-friendly hotel where he was staying. The Labrador retriever was “vomiting and seizing” when witnesses removed him from the truck and tried to cool him down with ice and water. What do ... Read More »

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