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This Pit Bull is so awesome…he stole the show from Ellen!


Ellen DeGeneres features interesting people in her show… but this time, this awesome Pitbull owned her show! A woman named Tia Torres was featured and she told everyone how she rescues and helps stray dogs. She also help in giving them shelter, food, and for looking for their forever homes! When she called in a special friend to come in, ... Read More »

Neil Diamond lends his celebrity to help shelter dogs


The famous songwriter Neil Diamond wrote a song for shelter puppies. Last month was Adopt a Shelter Dog month and the known musician was inspired by all these messages and stories. His new video “Something Blue” is filled with adorable dogs from Colorado Animal Rescue. Aside from including the dogs on his video, he even adopted two of them! Share ... Read More »

Pam Grier lends her name to help dogs get rescued.


Pam Grier has a huge heart for dogs. She saved six puppies from abandonment this weekend. She extended her help through her close friend Valerie Young. The six puppies were left behind the Waffle House on Gray Highway. News spread fast on Facebook that’s why it reached Pam Grier. She personally contacted Pilot n Paws to rescue the dogs. In ... Read More »

Cesar Millan defends the Pit Bull


Pitbull has been labeled as evil dogs. Until now, there are still some people who really believe that this breed is aggressive and not to be trusted. Not Cesar Millan. He described his experience with his Pitbull and he explained that Pitbulls are loving creatures. He talks about stereotyping and why some people just don’t like Pitbulls. He compared Pitbulls ... Read More »

Alyssa Milano brings abused dog from S. Korea to the US


Actress Alyssa Milano has a heart for animals in need. After knowing the story of Bomi, an abused dog from South Korea, she paid the bills for Romi’s relocation to the United States. Bomi was discovered by CARE, a South Korean animal rescue organization. She was raised for slaughter and has been severely abused. Bomi was covered in wounds, sores, ... Read More »

Joe Namath’s Daughter Reunited With Her Dog After 5 Years


The daughter of great football player Joe Namath had the best holiday gift ever. After 5 years, she is now reunited with her long lost dog. Jessica’s Shih tzu vanished five years ago when the pup was still one year old. Joe Namath even placed a $2000 reward for the dog. They even consulted psychics. A chef from St. Petersburgh, ... Read More »

Sarah Silverman loses her beloved Duck, at the age of 19…


Sarah Silverman’s rescue dog, Duck, died on Sept. 13.  He was about 19 years old.  Wow…she adopted him 14 years ago and wrote a very touching eulogy on her WhoSay: I wrote an obituary type thing: Duck “Doug” Silverman came into my life about 14 years ago. He was picked up by the State runningthrough South Central with no collar, ... Read More »

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